Fake Dreadlocks

Everyone will agree (at least secretly) that gals with dreadlocks look so cool! So, some or the other time you must have dreamed of wearing dreadlocks; but did you get scared of the commitment asked for by the real kind of dreads? Yes, they indeed need a commitment, hard work, patience and a lot of waiting power! Why don’t you adopt fake dreadlocks instead? It is such a cool alternative that gives you almost the same cool look as real dreads give. Here are some ways to fake dreadlocks.

With Your Own Hair

Starting – Start faking dreadlocks by first dividing dry hair in half, downwards from your ears and clip, except one section which you will start with. Also clip the section on top of your head up and away from the face.

Load with Gel – Take 1 inch (less if you want still shorter dreads) of the section you have left lose for starting with dreads and load it with a strong hair gel. Quantity of gel should be minimum of the size of a quarter coin.

Tease it up – After the section is fully loaded with hair gel, roll it between palms, like you used to do in your childhood while making a Play-Doh snake. Roll till they are quite stuck together. Wait for a split second to let it dry. Take a fine-toothed comb and tease the rolled sections gently upwards, i.e. from tip to the roots, to messy it a little more. Allow to dry.

Repeat – Do this with all the sections till your entire head is filled with lovely fake dreadlocks.

So, these are 4 easy steps, quite easier than the long process of making real dreads. Of course, they will stay temporarily. Whenever you wish to remove them, remember to saturate all your hair first with conditioner, because a conditioner works much better for loosening hair than a shampoo. Next use a wide-toothed comb and gently pass through tangles. Then shampoo. Rinse well. Again apply conditioner for some time and rinse again.

If You Don’t Want to Involve Your Own Hair…

Still you can enjoy wearing fake dreadlocks! How? By making dreads of synthetic hair! Here is how you can do that.

You just need a comb (regular comb or an actual metallic dread comb), your synthetic hair and something to wrap the hair around. Regarding synthetic hair for making fake dreadlocks, Kanekalon fiber hair is the most popular choice. To hold the hair while you work on it, you can use a hanger hook, which you can secure with something like a chair back or just your foot.

To start with, take a section of your synthetic hair. Its amount will depend on how thick you want your fake dreadlocks to be. Regarding length, if you want them long, take the section as it is, if you want shoulder length, cut the sections into halves and if you want short dreads, cut in quarters (first into half, then again into half).

Next just tie the hair around the hanger hook with a simple knot. Both sides should be equal and the loop should not be too tight. That will allow your hair to go through the loop.

Backcombing should be done very carefully while making dreadlocks whether fake or real. This is because improperly backcombed hair will soon fall apart and won’t work. So, starting from the top, begin brushing backwards. The hair should appear ratted and snarly.

Once you have loosely ratted all the hair, pack it starting again from the top. Pack it to the top at the knot and then slowly work your way down ratting the hair tighter.

When you reach the end, backcomb all through the way towards the tail end of the dread. It is normal that some hair will come out, so don’t worry. And next? You are done! Slip it off the hook and you have your fake dreadlock. Complete all of them in this way.

For installation of synthetic dreadlocks, you will need 50 to 60 of these dreads, a sectioning comb and clips, elastic bands and a latch hook.

Sectioning is important for flawless installation of dreads, so take your time and do it right. There are several ways to do it. But the commonest and simplest way is to start at the nape of the neck, part hair from ear to ear and keep rest of the hair away by clipping them up. Make the rows 1 cm wide or a little larger or smaller as per your liking. Then divide the row into squares, e.g. 1 x 1 cm. Keep one of them loose and clip up all the rest.
Thread a dread onto a latch hook and pull the hair through the fake dreadlock. Split the natural hair into two and that will give your three parts which you can braid. Braid keeping tension and after reaching the end, secure with a band. Repeat all through the row. You will get about 6 to 8 dreads in a row.

You are to make all the rows in this way. BUT keep in mind that the squares should be done in a brick pattern and not in a line, i.e. one square of a row should not be in a line with those of its upper and lower row. It should be slightly aside. That will make your fake dreadlocks sit flatly over your head hiding your scalp.

After finishing with entire head, you can leave bangs or a fringe – it’s your choice. The finished dreads should cover the entire scalp.

For this installation thing, you will need some patience!

Fake dreadlocks open up a fantastic way for you to wear one of world’s most popular hairstyles without actually doing it. They help you in taking a feel of dreads and deciding better about whether you should start with the real ones.