Dreadlock Wig

Dreadlock wig can be a great accessory whether you make it yourself or get it custom-made or buy it randomly for a costume. But picking up the right dreadlock wig is important too. Let’s learn how to do it.

To decide what you want exactly, you should collect images of the look you are trying to take up. You should particularly look for the front of the wig. If you want it to look less like a wig, bangs in front will fulfill your need. Also, it is important to decide whether you will be wearing your hair down or make an updo; so also, deciding between human and synthetic hair can also be an important factor.

Costume Dreadlock Wigs

A dreadlock wig is very good for various costume parties like Halloween. Costume dreadlock wigs are also known as rasta wig, ethnic wig, fun wig and party wig.

You should beware of hurting others’ feelings while wearing a costume dreadlock wig. This is because it is usually worn to ridicule Rastafarianism, as part of a costume worn for scaring people or promote negative stereotypes. Dreadlocks are neither scary nor funny and there are no typical wearers of dreadlocks.

A typical costume dreadlock wig is under $20 and is made from low quality fiber. It is actually a throw-away wig and is meant to use many times.

High end or mid range costume dreadlock wigs too are created by some manufacturers using synthetic hair. Mid-range wigs are often used for cosplay and may cost over $150, while high-end dreadlock wigs are used for theaters and can be worth several hundred dollars.

Custom-made Dreadlock Wigs

You have to order this type of wig from a wig-making specialist. You can get any color of wig regardless of your own hair color, like blonde, black or brown, and also with highlights. As far as price is concerned, it can be sometimes even more than $1,000. You should prefer natural colors so that you can wear the wig for many years without looking dated.

Care and Maintenance

If you invest some hundred dollars for a dreadlock wig, you also need to learn to take care and maintain the wig. This includes shaking the wig nicely and separating the locks with your fingers before wearing it. Once you wear it, spray its tips lightly with a wig conditioner.

A dreadlock wig should be washed once after every 10 to 12 wearings. Get thorough instructions for washing it from the retailer or custom wig-maker. Air drying is good for increasing the life of the hair piece, while heat drying does the opposite.

Keep in mind, if you think that your dreadlock wig needs cutting, restyling or reshaping, you better not do it yourself, but get it done by the wig maker or in a professional wig salon.

A dreadlock wig is a good way to take up a new look without undergoing the haphazard processes for your natural hair. By wearing it you can look different any time you want and any time you can take up your original looks.