Dreadlock Extensions

If you have a strong will to wear dreadlocks, but are not bestowed with hair long enough to create dreadlocks of your dreams, you have a very good solution in form of dreadlock extensions. You can install these extensions in your hair and flaunt them as if they are made from your own hair.

Also some people are so impatient to get dreads that they just cannot wait till their hair grows long. Such people too can wear dreadlock extensions and once their own hair grows long enough, can wear their own dreads.

Dreadlock extensions are of two types – permanent and temporary. You can wear temporary to test if you can take up the permanent plunge. Or if you just don’t want the commitment of permanent dreads, then too you can use the temporary ones. Other benefit of using temporary dreadlock extensions is you can bring versatility in your dread styles.

Other two types exist too – human hair and synthetic hair. Out of human and synthetic extensions, human hair extensions are obviously more preferable, because they behave just like our own hair and so, are easy to manage.

Synthetic dreadlock extensions are also called just “synth” and can be made of a huge variety of materials, more common being kanekalon (synthetic hair), wool roving, foam or plastic tubing.

Let’s learn how to wear dreadlock extensions step by step:

1. Make dreads first. Using a comb (metal if possible) backcomb hair into tightly knotted sections. Use 1 mm or smaller crochet hooks to keep your new dreads tightened and pull loose hair in. Twist and rip technique can also be used. In this you have to twist a section of hair and pull it in half till the root. Twist again and divert in different direction down to the root. Keep on doing this till the section is knotted up to the tip.

2. Now take the extensions and dread them into a loose dread. A recommended way to do this is to hold one end (tip) of the hair section and backcomb as if you would do with your own hair. Once the hair is knotted nearly to the end with a few hair left out comparatively straight, flip the dread and backcomb the tip for securing the end of the dread. Again use a 1 mm or smaller crochet hook to pull the left out hair and include it in the dread’s body.

3. Take top of the dreadlock extensions you have made where the hair is straight and create a pocket sort of thing wherein you can stick your real dread. Surround the dread on your head with the pocket with the extensions’ hair as evenly as you can and hold it. Using 1 mm or smaller crochet hook, keep on pulling the hair of extensions into the body of your original dread till it is fine and secure.

4. Now roll the connection between these two in your palms and look out for loose hair. If there are some, pull them into the dread using the crochet hook.

Whichever type of dreadlock extensions you use, they give you the satisfaction of wearing dreads which makes it easy for you to decide whether to continue with dreads or not. Thus dreadlock extensions help you in making a wise decision.