Dreadlocks Styles

Congratulations on having dreadlocks! Now you can look gorgeous in any style made with your dreadlocks. And believe me, there are innumerable dreadlock styles, because you can create even your own with your creativity! After all now as you have the fantastic locks, you can style them in any way and look beautiful. Here are some dreadlock styles for you to start with.

Shakira DreadlocksSimple Dreadlock Style of Shakira

The dreadlock style of Shakira is simple but very cute. She has parted the front hair in the center and bound two strands together with equal amount of hair to create a ravishing look!

lower hair dreadlocksDreadlocks only in Lower Hair

If you don’t wish to have dreadlocks in the entire part of hair, but still want them, you may try this beautiful dreadlock style. Leave the front section of your hair natural and divide the lower part into equal parts and make them into dreadlocks. Tie the lower dreadlock portion into a ponytail or leave them as they are. This shows the beauty of your natural hair at the same time as that of your dreads.

Twisted Dreadlocks

Twisted dreadlocks is one of the most popular dreadlocks styles. It is named so because it gives your dreadlocks a twisted look. Take two locks and twist them till the tip. End by tying with a matching band. Do this with all the dreads.

Dreadlocks BraidsDreadlocks by Braids

By braiding your hair, you can create dreadlocks. This too is one of the most popular dreadlocks styles. Start from the root and style the hair into braids till the tips. Do this with all the hair.

Wavy Twists

Giving your dreadlocks a twisted as well as wavy look is a complex hairstyle, but one of the most ravishing dreadlock styles. Here the locks are first twisted and then are given wavy shape.

Curly Dreadlocks

The style of curly dreadlocks is achieved by first forming the dreadlocks and then making them curly. The hair is parted in the center and dreadlocks are curled.

Mixture of Dreads

Try something different with this dreadlock style. Groom the tresses into dreadlocks of various sizes, textures and lengths. It looks great when you wear large, natural, thick dreads along with salon-style and braided ones.

Dreadlocks BunsDread Buns

Dreadlock buns look superb. And you can achieve them in different ways. As you do buns of your straight hair in various ways, you can do the same for your dreadlocks too. A simple basic bun is to take all the dreadlocks on the backside and tie them tightly with a hair band. Then twist the hair band once again and insert one part of your pony inside it. Then tie the other part around the first bun and secure the style with clips. You can try more complex buns in the salon or even at home.

You can thus achieve various beautiful dreadlock styles. You can do up-dos, ponytails, braids, or just leave them straight. Sky is the limit for dreadlock styles!