Dreadlock Products

Wearing dreadlocks is super fun. But wearing them is not easy. You have to work hard in order to keep your dreads clean and healthy to make them look wonderful. And for this you need several dreadlock products about which we will discuss here.

Dread Wax

If you want great dreads, the major dreadlock product you will need is a good dread wax. It should have a nice strong hold over the locks. While using the wax, take only a small amount and work it completely in. The function of wax is to hold the hair together and promote the locking process. Avoid waxes containing petroleum because they are harmful to hair. You can find some waxes which are enriched with vitamins and other nutrients to make hair grow strong and to prevent breakage. Natural wax is the best to start with to make your dreads strong and grow well.

Dread Cream

No doubt, wax is perfect for starting dreads when it is about straight hair textures which need plenty of hold. But in case of highly textured hair types, wax is thicker than required and difficult to apply. So, in that case, creams are the more recommended dreadlock products because textured hair needs less hold. Specialized loc creams are created to keep the hair aptly moisturized and provide nutrients for their strength and health. Here too you should stay away from creams containing petroleum, because they lubricate hair and decelerate the dreading process.

Dread Shampoo

This dreadlock product is of immense importance but unfortunately there are only a few shampoos on the market which work perfectly for dreads. Almost all natural shampoos leave some or the other type of residue on the hair, like fragrance or herbal remedy. Many of these residues can stop hair growth by choking follicles and creating problems like dryness and itching. Residue-forming shampoos can be more of a problem for dread-wearers because in thick hair residues are formed in more amount than in straight hair. So, you should strictly choose only residue-free shampoos and soaps to wash your dreads. Such shampoos and soaps also help dreads to become tighter than they could be otherwise by washing out residue from the strands. Clean strands are able to lock tighter and quicker than those carrying residues.

Dread Combs

Dread combs are the basic dreadlock products needed when you start forming dreads. They are necessary for backcombing, which in turn is a necessary process in forming dreadlocks. A dread comb should be strong and its bristles should not bend or break off when you are using it. The bristles need to be close together and should be easily slide in and out of hair.

Dreadlock Beads

Beads are the dreadlock products which are great for adorning dreads. They are of various kinds, like wooden, stone and shells etc. They should be carefully chosen considering the size of their holes so that they fit on the dreads perfectly and not slip off. You can also get hand blown Pyrex beads which slip on the locks. Dreadlock beads are usually expensive.

Peyote Stitches

Peyote stitches are small sleeves made from plenty of tiny beads that create a design. They are normally around ½” long and large enough to fit snugly around a lock. They add awesome colors to your dreads and look great.


Dreadlock products called tams are crocheted hats designed for holding the locks. They prevent your dreads from coming in your way and they look great too. So, they are useful to wear while working or having food with the family.